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Cricket is one of the most popular games in India, and millions of people are passionate about it. With the expansion of the British Empire, it spread to other countries. If we compare this discipline in terms of the number of fans, it comes second after soccer.


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It is not surprising that 4x bet Cricket betting has quickly gained a large active audience. Every self-respecting Indian with a sufficient budget prefers to place bets on a wide variety of matches presented among 4xbet offers. A wide coverage of each cricket match and regular events allows every capper to choose the best prediction. On its part, the betting platform tries to offer a wide range of betting options, covering every outcome of league and test matches.

All about in-play betting from Indian bookmaker 4x bet

The first betting opportunities for fans appeared in Ancient Rome 2500 years ago. In those times, spectators placed bets on gladiator fights winner. In Ancient Greece, a similar bets was on the Olympic Games. Predictions had a verbal character, and valuable things, thay could act as collateral.

Cricket fans have discovered 4x Bet sport betting. It has a wide range of betting options, a clear website format, and even a mobile app to place bets at any convenient time. Bettors can select the appropriate outcome, make pre-match and live bets, choose single bets, and make express and entire betting systems. The more experienced the capper, the more complex schemes he can make using all the tools of the bookmaker’s office.

All about in-play betting

What coverage sports betting for cricket 4x bet may offer

Coverage sports betting

Cricket matches are ongoing events, thanks to which our website offers are always present in a wide coverage of the lines. Meetings organized all year round. Fans of this discipline can place bets without breaks and waiting for the seasons. Today, we can distinguish three main formats of events, which are worth considering in a little more detail:

  1. Level 1 is the longest and most tedious league, with real tactical battles between elite teams. Tournaments can span 5 days, hosting test matches with up to 10 national teams alongside national championships.
  2. One Day International – This format provides a shorter time frame to determine the winner, usually limited to one Day. ODIs involve no more of 50 overs. It is enough to single out the leader and make a stake in him.
  3. T20 is the sharpest and most exciting cricket match, attracting the largest number of audience. It has the largest betting markets and the number of participating bettors counts hundreds of thousands in India only. According to the Twenty20 rules, there is one innings for each team, which results in 2 innings between the opponents. This amount of attack takes a minimum time and the match lasts for about 3-4 hours.

With such a variety of events, the bookmaker offers numerous betting options, ensuring every novice bettor has a chance to win.

All betting markets for cricket in India

To select predictions as accurately and confidently as possible, it is important to know the rules of the discipline and its peculiarities. The Cricket has high odds of winning. Familiarize yourself with that features:

  • The game involves two teams of 11 players.
  • The tournament on a grass pitch. It is up to 150 meters long.
  • There is a pitch in the center, marked by wooden stakes and a crossbar.
  • Players divided into bowlers, batsmen and wicket keepers.
  • The number of innings and their duration agreed in advance.
4xbet betting markets

The task of each team is to earn rans (points). The player who scores the most points in a given period wins the match. Cappers have a lot of in-play betting options.

4x bet Cricket: types of bets

4x bet types of bets

In the fast-paced world of cricket betting, 4xbet stands out as a premier platform offering a plethora of betting options to enthusiasts worldwide. Sport betting opens up a world of possibilities for seasoned bettors and newcomers alike. Among the many offers, there are the main ones that are most in demand, namely:

  1. A novice capper can easily make a stake on the outcome of a cricket match without fully understanding the game’s peculiarities and rules. It determines the winner.
  2. Double odds cover two out of three probable outcomes.
  3. Handicap – means the difference in points with which the match between the opponents will end. Choose if there’s a clear underdog and outsider. You can bet on a plus or minus indicator. If the opponents in the league are approximately of equal strength, cappers choose a zero handicap.
  4. Total betting involves wagering on the total number of runs, or points. Indian bookmaker 4x Bet offers different variations of this type of prediction;
  5. Betting on top scorers is a statistical prediction by which the bettor tries to determine the best player on the team who brought the greatest number of runs. A range of scores is usually 10 – 100;
  6. The top bowler is the number of runs one player has for the whole tournament or a certain period. Only such a reputable platform as 4xbet can offer such wide betting markets;
  7. Other match statistics – depending on the significance of the event, the bookmaker expands or reduces the coverage of lines. The number of balls out of the boundary of the field, and the number of runs on the pitch.

The bookmaker provides competitive odds and minimal margins, ensuring that every registered user stands a high chance of making significant earnings based on their knowledge and passion for cricket.

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